Today we will be making a recommendation for ZenMaid, we researched maid services for small and medium cleaning services, and the best software that we found was definitely ZenMaid, it will really make your live a lot easier, and will also help you grow and improve your cleaning service! The clients love it, below we will bring some of the best features that you will have on ZenMaid for your cleaning business.

Hassle-Free Scheduling with ZenMaid

One of the biggest time occupations on a cleaning business is without doubts the scheduling, but with ZenMaid you can just add it the first time, and the software will always schedule it for you.

Best automations with ZenMaid

ZenMaid was a software made from people that actuallys run cleaning business, because they saw that no other software was really getting what they needed they made Zen Maid, so you don`t need to worry about using it.

Improve your service with Feedback with ZenMaid

You will also have on the software a feedback loop, that is a feature that can really improve your business, feedback got some business like uber a great advantage, because you can always see what the client is thinking of your service, and you will have it automated with ZenMaid.

Automated reporting with ZenMaid

You will also have an integrated reporting, no more need to take manually all your numbers and taking it to excel to try to analyze it, ZenMaid automated it all for you.

Find More Clients with ZenMaid

ZenMaid also created a great follow up service, with done follow up emails, that will help you find new homes to clean on auto pilot, just that feature could be a great software to your cleaning business, without doubts.

Get more time with ZenMaid

You will Definitely gain more time, but without hiring people to do the work, with ZenMaid you will need to work less, and will also have a greater service and more clients.

We really loved the features, but see below some of the reviews from Zen Maids clients.

ZenMaid is also offering a great Free Trial, but we are sure that you will love it so much that will continue using it forever! Click the link below to start your Free Trial at ZenMaid

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