Seller Locker

Today we will be making a recommendation about Seller Locker, a software suite designed to assist Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers in increasing their profits and optimizing their business operations. The platform offers a range of features and benefits:

Seller Locker has helped over 3,000 Amazon sellers boost their profits by over $75 million. It provides tools for sellers to delve deeper into their FBA business, uncovering additional cases for recovery and reducing FBA fees.

Specializing in recovering FBA fees, Seller Locker monitors fee fluctuations and submits claims when discrepancies are identified. The company claims to have recovered over $75 million in FBA fees and prevented double that amount in losses by correcting fee discrepancies.

The platform automates FBA-related manual tasks and offers a higher success rate in case handling due to its interactive platform, which leads to more accurate cases.

Seller Locker provides features such as one-click claim submission, full account transparency, and a responder tool to pursue a balance of cases. It caters to a range of sellers, from startups to large enterprises, with a unique pricing structure and is approved in the Amazon Marketplace Appstore

See below some of the best features you will have besides that with Seller Locker.

Free Document Storage

Seller Locker allows sellers to store important documents such as the Bill of Lading, Packing Slip, and Invoice at no extra cost. This service ensures that these critical documents are readily available whenever they are needed, streamlining the process of managing shipments and transactions

Text to Store Docs

To enhance the ease of storing documents, Seller Locker has introduced a feature that enables users to store invoices, proof of delivery, and bills of lading simply by texting them to their Seller Locker number. This approach eliminates the hassle of searching through emails and folders to find these documents, thereby saving time and reducing the likelihood of misplacing important paperwork

Integrated With Small Parcel Carriers

The platform is integrated with all major small parcel carriers. This integration allows Seller Locker to capture the latest tracking information and proof of delivery, thereby assisting sellers in confidently opening inbound shipment cases. This feature is crucial for sellers who need to stay updated on the status of their shipments and ensure that they have all the necessary documentation for successful and timely delivery

Accurate Shipments

The integration makes it easier for sellers to open inbound shipment cases with confidence. Having up-to-date tracking information and proof of delivery is essential for managing the logistics of online selling, particularly in a platform as dynamic as Amazon’s FBA service

Product Dimensions

Seller Locker addresses the issue of fluctuating fulfillment fees and changes in product dimensions, which can occur unexpectedly in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. By allowing sellers to specify their product dimensions and integrating this information with the Amazon Seller Central MWS connection, Seller Locker helps prevent thousands in lost profits due to these changes. This feature is particularly valuable as it mitigates the financial impact of such random measurement changes at fulfillment centers


To subscribe to Seller Locker just click the link below.

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