Today we will be making a recommendation about DiveVolk , an innovative underwater smartphone housing solutions, such as the SeaTouch 4 Max, which allows full touchscreen functionality underwater. Their products are designed for various phone models, enabling users to access all phone functions, including native camera apps, at depths up to 60 meters

DiveVolk also provides a range of accessories to enhance underwater photography and has solutions for connecting smartphones to DSLRs for remote control. Their products cater to both amateur and professional photographers, simplifying underwater photography with easy-to-use, versatile equipment.

See below some of the best products you will be able to shop at DiveVolk.

DiveVolk Underwater Case

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max is an innovative underwater housing for smartphones, offering full touchscreen functionality up to 60 meters deep. It’s the first of its kind, allowing for the use of all phone functions and apps underwater.

This housing is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including various iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, One Plus, OPPO, and Sony models. It’s designed for activities like surfing, diving, snorkeling, skiing, and kayaking, enabling users to take pictures and videos using both front and back cameras.

DiveVolk Underwater Selfie

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Selfie Kit is a specialized underwater phone housing designed for various iPhone models including the iPhone 12/13/14/15 series. It allows users to take selfies and capture moments underwater with their smartphone.

The housing ensures full touchscreen functionality and supports a range of activities like diving and snorkeling. It’s engineered for underwater use, making it ideal for adventurers and photographers who want to document their underwater experiences.

DiveVolk Diving Backpack

The DiveVolk Seaplay 70L Mesh Backpack is designed for various water-related activities such as swimming, diving, beach outings, and camping. It features an open weave mesh for strength and quick drying, making it suitable for carrying wet gear.

The backpack is styled in the classic Speedo mesh bag design but with updated materials and improved functionality. It includes shoulder straps for easy carrying as a backpack.

DiveVolk Diving Light

The DiveVolk Scubalamp Dive Light PV22 is a 2000 lumen light designed for underwater photography. It’s suitable for a variety of underwater activities and aims to enhance the quality of underwater photos and videos.

It’s compact, durable, and provides bright, even lighting, which is crucial for capturing high-quality underwater images. Ideal for divers and underwater photographers, this dive light helps in illuminating the vivid colors and details of the underwater world.

DiveVolk Underwater Wifi

The DiveVolk SeaLink is an underwater Wi-Fi signal transmitter that enables a Wi-Fi connection between a smartphone and camera underwater. It allows the smartphone to be used as an underwater monitor for the camera, or to operate the camera directly.

The SeaLink is waterproof up to 80 meters and has a signal gain of 6 dbi. The package includes various components for setup and an instruction guide. It’s recommended to pair the devices on land before using them underwater.

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