Vyper Review

Vyper Review


Did you know that 97% of people scrolling through their social media feeds have never heard of your brand?

You want a awesome social media campaign that excites your fans and boosts your engagement like 150%, but you need to find the time to do it, and you’re not sure where to start.

VYPER is the best solution to help you get engagement you need. With just a few clicks, you can create an engaging giveaway, contest, or promotion with the best-in-class VYPER platform. Promote your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with VYPER.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

VYPER is one of the best tools developed for creating social media giveaways, campaigns, and promotions swiftly and effortlessly.

Vyper is very much reliable and highly effective tool for creating and sharing social media campaigns like contests, getaways, and promotions.

Vyper saves your time and energy by providing a fast and easy way to create, run, and measure social media campaigns and promotions. It’s never been easier to be on top of your game.

Take a look at my Vyper Review 2022 in detailed with features & pricing.



Vyper Review 2022 Pros & Cons of Vyper

About VYPER Giveaway Tool

VYPER is a reliable and highly effective tool for creating and sharing social media campaigns like contests, giveaways, and promotions. The feature which I like most is the alternative of choosing a template from numerous existing and customizing them according to your brand need, which results in creating a social media campaign in a lesser amount of time.

In my opinion, this tool is something that must be possessed by every marketing agency. Also, it is equally beneficial and an excellent tool for individual business use.


Comprehensively stating, if your business mostly depends on social media marketing as a priority, then I will definitely recommend this tool for you. Try it; you will not get disappointed.

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How I came in contact with VYPER? What is Vyper giveaway?

We all know about social media contests and giveaways; they are a tried-and-tested way of seeking people’s attention and pulling your future customers towards your business or agency. But the question is, if increasing your customer’s number is that easy, then why doesn’t every business succeed? One possible answer is not every social media contest gets equally successful because it doesn’t get the amount of attention it requires.

The main focus of these contests is to increase the reach of their product or agency to maximum people, but many of them fail miserably, and some of them are able to go viral and increase their reach.

So, what is that factor that makes the same types of contests result in different zones, one pass, and one fail?

There can be many reasons behind that, but one common reason is the design of the campaign. The campaigns which are not engaging in nature can lose people very easily, and also poorly designed campaigns are bad in providing the right incentives.

I was also looking for something that can make designing easier for me and was struggling to find anything like this tool. Then one fine day, one of my clients recommended VYPER to me.

Using the esoteric tool VYPER, now I can fastly design and run viral giveaways and contests on social media. It helps me a lot in designing appealing and winning campaigns and along with it provides me numerous options for choosing what kind of incentives I would like to provide.

Nathan Chan CEO of Foundr Recommends Vyper


So, that’s it! That’s my story. Just like I have designed some great and effective successful social media campaigns, you also can.

VYPER – Features, Pros, Cons, and, Pricing

– It offers you the simplest way to create amazing contest, promotion or share opportunities.

– It makes it easy to organize and execute social media giveaways, promotions, campaigns, surveys and surveys.

– VYPER helps you create a complete promotional strategy in just a few clicks.

– It will help you make sure the most of your social media activity by creating one place for all your results, engagement statistics and reports.

– With the help of this tools you can track and monitor the use of your Facebook Page and other social media platforms.

Vyper social media giveaway tool Vyper pricing plans

Before taking a deep dive into VYPER features in detail, let’s have a quick look at its key features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

VYPER- Tool Shawn Mendes

Vyper Review : Key Features


  •  Pre-designed Templates.
  • Visual Designer to create an engaging campaign.
  • It allows you to restrict specific IP addresses.
  •  It contains action features that encourage users to share, tag, follow for collecting points.
  • Integration with email marketing platforms.
  •  Completely customizable campaigns.
  •   Cheat detection.
  • In-depth analytics tool.
  •  Automated emails.
  • Social proof feature.
  • Mobile-friendly designs.
  • An alternative to the leaderboard.
  •  You can start a loyalty program from scratch.
  • Three display modes – Website widget, Embedding forms, Landing Pages.
  •  Permission for Google analytics.
  • Multiple types of prizes.
  • Automated prize delivery.
  • Facebook pixel code to track users.

Now, let us talk about the features of Vyper in some details.


While working with Vyper, I was fascinated by the cheating algorithm it has inbuilt. This helps it to detect cheaters and forbids them to win. It also maintains something they call a cheater score, which keeps cheating that people do. You can easily remove such people from your content based on this score.

  • Next, you need to know about the Pixel Tracking feature of this platform. You will be able to view all the necessary information you need to know about all the people that land on your page.
  • You will also have a choice to choose between a single opt-in or a double opt-in sign-up. On a personal note, I prefer the double one, as it makes a drastic impact on the quality of your leads and makes it better. Your customers will have to verify their email addresses before starting earning points. This again reduces the chances of cheating and fake identities.
  • Vyper also offers you a feature to let your visitors receive a countdown when their time is getting over. This will encourage them to make purchases faster and create a sense of panic. This will increase your sales as well.
  • While people are signing up, they will also see the recent number of registrations made. This will let them know how many people are using it currently and increase the number of registrations on your platform.
  • With the help of Vyper, you can create your hosting page, embed it as a widget, or even make your website.
  • Although there is no specific feature where you can lead email campaigns, it has a similar feature. It will automatically send an email to your contestants when they register, cross levels, and other important occasions.

They have a robust system to create a report as per the scores.


Who are the customers of the tool?


  •     Agencies
  •      Enterprises
  •     Marketers
  •      Brands
  •      Influencers


  •   Its visual Designer helps you to create campaigns quickly.
  •     Templates provided by VYPER helps in designing campaigns easily and improves the engagement of the audience.
  •     Everyone can use it exactly the same way, and there are no different ways for each category, i.e., no complexity.
  •    It has an unlimited free trial for up to 250 participants.
  •    It provides a platform to integrate social media with email marketing by generating automated emails for your contests and giveaways.


It is a functional platform, particularly for designing social media campaigns; it lacks other dimensions of social media marketing.


1. Visual Designer

In my opinion, the most ecstatic feature of VYPER is its visual designer interface that lets you create and design your promotional content and experiment with various small features inside. From choosing font color and font to the actual content, you can customize your content from all dimensions.

VYPER- Tool Visial Page

You can also use a pre-designed template and customize it according to your requirement using a visual designer. Experiment with the Designer, don’t just simply put all the information inside the template; maybe you will get something amazing.

2. Campaign Templates


This comes with pre-designed templates according to various types of campaigns. The advantage of this is that you don’t require much time for designing your campaign’s content. You just have to fill in content details related to your specific brand campaign, and you are ready to go. The best part is that it covers all angles of your promotional campaigns and provides social media templates for each, like a template for launching the contest, then one for promotion, and another one for the winner announcement. What a great feature!

3.  Email Integration

I like this feature very much. It makes things so easy for me. Using the Email Integration feature, you can make your social media campaign with your email marketing. Thus, you can send email alerts and messages to users related to your contests and giveaways.

Given below is a list of email marketing platforms that are provided by VYPER for integration, and it includes all known platform for the use of marketers:

  •   AWeber
  •   Campaign Monitor
  •   MailChimp
  •    EmailOctopus
  •   Drip
  •  ConvertKit
  •  klaviyo
  •   ActiveCampaign
  •  Sendy
  • Sendlane
  • Autopilot
  • GetResponse
  •  Mailer Lite

So, this is a great feature which can be used by both a newly found business and an established firm alike.

Types of Campaigns created by VYPER


Now, after you know what are the features of it that makes work easy, let us traverse through how it can be used for creating campaigns:

1.    Viral Contests or Giveaways

To create a contest on social media or for giveaways for generating leads that improve your follower count. The process usually consists of inviting participants to like, follow, and comment on your post for increasing their chance to win a reward.

VYPER- Tool Partner Giveaway

You can also ask users to tag their friends for earning extra points. Because of getting a reward, more people are pulled towards these contests.

2.   User-Generated Content Campaign

This campaign aims to collect user-generated content from your customers and followers. It has the choice of incentive for people to create UGC for your brand. The incentive could be a reward in reality or a shoutout from you and a chance for the people to be featured on your page.

VYPER- Tool Partner Content CamPaigen

3.   Referral Program and Combo Reward

It is a combination of rewards and referral programs. In this, you reward your customers for buying from your brand and also for referring you to their friends.

4.   Referral or Ambassador Program

It focuses on converting existing customers into brand ambassadors. This program is used for incentivizing your customers to promote your brand and referring to their friends.

5.  Reward or Loyalty Program

This program is rewarding your people for buying from your brand. The customers collect points whenever they buy from you and redeem those points for rewards later. These rewards consist of discount coupons, products, etc.

6.   Pre-Launch or Waitlist Campaign

This campaign is for creating a buzz among people for a product or an app that you are going to launch soon. This helps in getting people inside the waitlist for your app or product. This is an excellent way of increasing the number of downloads for your soon to be launched app in the testing phase.

7.  Milestone Contest

This is another program that focuses on encouraging people for more purchases and also for increasing their engagement with your brand. Like you provide points to people for following you or buying something from you. These points can then be redeemed later for getting rewards. In this, you can also set milestones so that the rewards get increased when a user crosses a milestone.

This gamification encourages users to engage more and more with you and earn more points to get a reward.

8.  Leaderboard

This also gamifies the rewards program. But unlike milestones here, people compete with each other to climb up on the leaderboard. And the people who are up the leaderboard will get better rewards than people at the bottom.

Vyper Pricing : How much does a Vyper cost?

VYPER is free initially for up to 250 participants a month but will be required to upgrade it to a paid version once you are going to get benefit from it, i.e., when you start getting results. The pricing policy of Vyper is designed in a way that takes care of every type of user.



If you own a small business and want to generate leads up to 10k per month, then you can go for this plan. Its pricing is $49 per month. Its additional feature is that it helps you in growing your email list.


This plan is designed for large businesses. It can generate up to 30k leads per month. It comprises all the features of the PRO plan and has an additional facility of white label services. In this plan, you can remove all branding about VYPER and can design a completely customized campaign for your own brand. The price of this plan is $149 per month.


This is the largest plan, which costs $299 per month. It is designed keeping in view the marketing agencies. Marketing agencies require a large number of leads as they handle multiple clients simultaneously, so this is designed specifically for them. It lets you generate 120k leads per month and also provides the facility of creating up to 10 accounts for different clients. It implies that you can use this tool for ten clients and help them in running social media contests from one platform.

If you are still confused about the use of VYPER and still not getting why you should use it, then here is a detailed review of its specific features that help you in acing your social media campaigns.


Vyper Customer Reviews & Testimonials



Generated over 10k emails subs in 9 days using this giveaway + tool + growth hacking strategies.

— Nathan Chan, CEO at Foundr Magazine

viral giveaway tool Vyper

Birch + Fog grew used viral contests to grow when other marketing methods evaded them
Being in the hemp space, many avenues are unavailable for advertising. Using VYPER gave them an opportunity to market themselves without relying on traditional channels.

FAQs on Vyper Reviews

Does VYPER work with other software?

Yes, it works with all of the major email platforms, including AWeber and Mailchimp.

Does it support Google Analytics or pixel tracking?

Yes. For your contests, you can include Google Analytics code as well as any pixel code.

Is it possible to hold a contest on a brand’s own domain rather than on Vyper.io?

Yes. You can create a new subdomain for your contest landing page and remove any VYPER branding.

Do they have any kind of online community or forum?

Yes, you can communicate with other users and advertisers by joining their Facebook group.

Do they need my credit card details in order for me to test the tool?

No, all that is required to make an account and try out the services is your name and email address.

If I’m not using my account, how do I downgrade it?

You can do this if you’re currently on a paid plan and want to downgrade to maintenance mode. They’ll keep your data, leads, and campaigns on their servers. This is $5 per month and can be done through your billing options. If you’re on a premium plan and want to switch to a free plan, you won’t be able to do so because the paying plan stores data while the free plan doesn’t.

How does their system prevent contestants from cheating the system?

They have a proprietary cheating algorithm that detects cheaters and prevents them from being chosen when you go to pick the winners. You can also look at an entrant’s referrals, lead quality, and cheater score to see if they should be excluded from the promotion. They don’t publish their algorithm since doing so would help manipulating their system that much easier. They take pride in being one of the most advanced contest software cheating detection systems available.

Is it possible to personalise my giveaway?

Yes. Their dashboard for editing and setting up is simple but comprehensive. It allows for a lot of personalization. If you’re a developer and require extra features, the pro and enterprise plans provide a section where you can upload your own custom code to customise your giveaway even further.

What type of rewards can they offer?

You can award discounts, free products, content, or no prize at all with their incredibly flexible but simple Rewards Program builder.

Is it possible to get a refund if I don’t like the tool?

Yes, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.

👉Can I run a contest on my own domain instead of Vyper?

The Enterprise plan of Vyper allows you to create a custom subdomain and removes Vyper branding from the contest landing page.

👉What if I have zero audiences? Does it still work?

Viral contests don’t care about your audience size. In fact, you can use it initially to seed your growth.

👉 How can I get technical support?

You can refer to these resources where you will find answers to almost all your questions.

👉 If I am opting for 1month membership, then will I be able to use all the features?

Yes, you will still be able to use all features.

👉What information do I need to provide for trying the tool?

You have to create an account by using only your name and email address. No other information is required for trying out the features.

👉How does my contest will look on mobile?

In this era, mobile is a priority for everyone and everything. So, these campaigns are mobile-friendly. They will look great on your phone.

👉 Is there a money-back guarantee if I don’t like the tool?

Yes, you can get your money back. There are a 30 days money-back guarantee.


You might have questions like this for Vyper Review: 

Do they have an online community or forum of some sort?

Do they need my credit card information to allow me to try the tool?

Do you have any questions about Vyper?

Does it allow pixel tracking or Google Analytics?

Does that make me not recommend the software?

Does VYPER integrate with other tools?

Start a Campaign Using VYPER How Can You Create and Run a Contest Using VYPER?

Start loyalty programs from scratch Who is the Tool Designed for?

How do I make my giveaway go viral?

How do you get followers on giveaways?

How do you get people to come to a giveaway?

How do you get people to participate in a competition?

How do you use vyper app?

How do you use vyper?

Why I Like Vyper and why  to choose it : 

Features: Vyper is a tool that will be suitable for all businesses who need to create and manage social media campaigns. VYPER will help you to organize and manage your social media campaign from the comfort of your home or office.

Advantages: The main advantage of this tool is that it can be used in any business size. VYPER needs less money than other tools, since you don’t have to pay for an admin account. Another advantage is that it allows you to create promotional events easily.


It helps boost sales of your products in the market. You will be able to gain more customers from your promotions.


Vyper on Social Media




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