Today we will be making a recommendation about TouchStay, an innovative digital platform focused on providing comprehensive guest services for the vacation rental industry. Since its inception, it has redefined how vacation rental businesses interact with their guests, enhancing experiences with a sophisticated yet user-friendly software solution. TouchStay’s mission revolves around providing hosts with the tools to deliver top-notch services to their guests, offering a well-rounded experience that goes beyond mere accommodation.

TouchStay is a unique solution that is continually pushing the boundaries of guest experience in the vacation rental industry. It provides a simple yet effective solution for hosts to engage with their guests, offer valuable insights, and create a memorable stay. With its customization, easy integration, and commitment to sustainability and data privacy, TouchStay continues to be an industry-leading choice for vacation rental owners and managers worldwide.

See below some of the best features.


Create Guidebooks

TouchStay’s digital guidebooks are comprehensive, interactive, and customizable, offering a range of features that are designed to enrich the guest experience. 

Customization: One of the main features of these guidebooks is the ability for hosts to fully customize them. This allows hosts to impart a personal touch and tailor the information to the unique aspects of their property and the surrounding area.

Interactive Maps: The guidebooks come with interactive maps that guests can use to locate the property, find nearby attractions, restaurants, and more. This real-time tool can significantly improve a guest’s exploration experience. 

Multi-media Integration: TouchStay’s guidebooks support integration with various forms of media such as images and videos. This allows hosts to provide a visual tour of the property or display highlights of local attractions, enhancing the overall communication of information.

TouchStay Ratings and Memos

Scheduled Reminders: The ability to schedule reminders is a standout feature of TouchStay’s Memos. Hosts can schedule Memos to be sent out at specific times, ensuring that guests receive important information when they need it most. Whether it’s a reminder about check-out time or recycling instructions, scheduled Memos ensure that all critical details are timely communicated. 

Customization: Similar to other features of TouchStay, Memos are customizable. Hosts can tailor the content of Memos to suit their individual needs and the unique features of their properties. This provides a personalized touch to guest communications. 

Automation: Automation is a core aspect of TouchStay’s Memos. By automating communication processes, hosts can ensure consistency, reduce the chance of forgetting important details, and save time that can be spent on other aspects of property management.

Easy to Customize

What sets TouchStay apart is the level of customization and personalization that it offers. The platform enables hosts to create their own digital guest books that reflect their unique offerings and the personality of their rental properties. 

They can choose to include interactive maps, step-by-step check-in instructions, house rules, tips about the local area, and more. This is not just about providing information; it’s about creating a unique guest experience that amplifies the value of each stay.

Best Guest Communication

TouchStay places guest communication at the forefront of its platform, developing a variety of features that aid in improving communication efficiency. Digital Guidebooks: TouchStay’s digital guidebooks serve as a comprehensive resource for guests. 

They provide vital information about the property, local area, house rules, check-in/out procedures, and much more. By offering a single source of accurate and up-to-date information, the need for back-and-forth communication between hosts and guests is significantly reduced.

Reduced Time and Effort: By consolidating and automating communication, hosts can save substantial time and effort that would otherwise be spent answering repetitive questions or dealing with misunderstandings.

Increased Guest Satisfaction: Clear and effective communication can lead to increased guest satisfaction, resulting in positive reviews and potentially, more repeat bookings.

Best Guest Reviews


Through its range of communication tools, TouchStay provides hosts with the means to encourage guests to leave reviews after their stay, and you also have a review during the guest stay. 

Feedback from reviews can be instrumental in identifying areas for improvement, helping hosts to continuously enhance their offerings and guest experience.

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