Thexyz Review

Thexyz Review
What is Thexyz?

Thexyz provides paid email hosting services, competing directly with the likes of Gmail and other free email services. We attract and retain customers by providing a service that delivers value to them. People are happy to pay for services that respect their time and maintain their privacy. Our main product, Thexyz, is an easy-to-use email with built-in calendars and contacts. It works quickly, blocks spam is ad-free, and has all the modern email features you love like contacts, folders, group lists, un-delete, rules and filters, calendar sharing, and more. We also offer GroupList, which is for teams to share emails for better productivity from anywhere. GroupList keeps group conversations focused, well-documented, and easy-to-find. GroupList is also an email forwarding service that gives you an email address that you keep for life.

About Thexyz Webmail

Thexyz, is an email management software that provides businesses with built-in calendars and contact management tools. Features include folders, group lists, rules and filters, un-delete, calendar sharing, and more….

Thexyz Webmail Pricing

Thexyz Webmail is available across 3 pricing tiers. Pricing and functionality are outlined below – Premium Webmail: • Monthly – $2.95/month • Annually – $29.95/year MobileSync + Cloud Drive: • Monthly – $4.95/month • Annually – $49.95/year Microsoft Exchange: • Monthly – $14.95/month • Annually – $149.95/year

Starting price: 

$2.95 per month

Free trial: 

Not Available

Free version: 

Not Available

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