Today we will be making a recommendation of RocketCDN, at the time we was searching for great CDN to improve our blogs, and it was one of the best rated, so we decided to test it, we used for the past 3 months on our blogs to test it, and the results are really great, the site speed has improved a lot, and it is really simple to use and with a great and fair price.

If you don`t know what are the advantages of a CDN we will list some below, and after bring the best of RocketCDN.


What are the advantages of using a CDN?


Improve site load times: By serving content from a CDN server closer to site visitors (among other optimizations), visitors experience faster page load times. 

Because visitors are more likely to click away from a slow-loading site, a CDN can reduce bounce rates and increase the amount of time people spend on the site. In other words, the faster a website is, the more visitors will stay there and also stay longer.

Reduce Bandwidth Costs: Bandwidth consumption costs for website hosting is a substantial expense for websites. Through caching and other optimizations, CDNs are able to reduce the amount of data that an origin server needs to serve and, as a result, reduce hosting costs for website owners.

Increase content availability and redundancy: Large amounts of traffic or hardware failures can interrupt the normal functioning of the website. Thanks to its distributed nature, a CDN can handle more traffic and resist hardware failures better than many origin servers.

Enhance website security: A CDN can enhance security by providing DDoS mitigation, enhancing security certificates, and other optimizations.


RocketCDN makes your site faster


Fast content delivery to your users, anywhere in the world or in a galaxy far, far away.

RocketCDN automatic configuration

No need to struggle with complicated CDN tabs and options. RocketCDN automatically apply the best CDN configuration to boost your speed and performance scores.

RocketCDN is Easy to integrate


Installation is hassle free, wether you use our WordPress plugin or your custom url to link up your assets to RocketCDN. Deploying a CDN has never been easier!

RocketCDN Global Reach


RocketCDN rely on StackPath and its high-performance CDN. More than 10 years of experience and 45 full-stack edge locations make StackPath an invaluable ally.

RocketCDN Stronger perfomance


A faster loading website will help you meet Core Web Vitals requirements.

RocketCDN Lower Bandwith Costs

Save bandwidth costs thanks to RocketCDN unique pricing plan.

RocketCDN gives a better user experience


Anyone can access your content quickly, no matter where they are located.



So if you need the services of a CDN you can trust RocketCDN, just click the link below and subscribe on their Official Website.

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