Today we will be making a recommendation of Prinker, the World`s First temporary Tattoo Service.

We used it for about 3 months, and we are really having a lot fun, doing our own tattoos in the office, and is really easy to use, commitment-free and without pain.

Prinker is an innovative company that specializes in temporary tattoo solutions, offering a unique and fun way to express yourself without committing to a permanent tattoo. Their products enable users to create personalized designs and enjoy body art without any pain or long-term commitment. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Prinker and explore their product offerings, features, and how they are revolutionizing the temporary tattoo industry.

Find or Create a Tattoo

Sync your smart device to Prinker App and choose from +12.000 of available designs or create your own tattoo from scratch.

Send the Tattoo

Send the design you want to ink to your Prinker Device. Remember to prime the skin using cosmetic Skin Primer.

Prink the Tattoo


Roll the Prinker device on your body to bring your instant tattoo to life.

Prink S


Prinker S: This compact device allows users to create and print temporary tattoos directly onto their skin. It is perfect for personal use and can be used at home, parties, or events. 

Prinker Ink: Prinker offers a range of cosmetic ink cartridges in various colors. The inks are waterproof, skin-safe, and last for up to 3 days.

Prinker Design Platform: This online platform enables users to create, edit, and manage their tattoo designs. It features a vast library of pre-made designs and offers tools to create unique, personalized tattoos.

Prinker’s innovative temporary tattoo solutions are transforming the industry by offering a unique and customizable way for users to express themselves. With a range of products designed for both personal and professional use, Prinker is quickly becoming the go-to choice for temporary body art. Whether you’re a professional artist, event planner, or just someone looking to have fun with body art, Prinker’s range of products is sure to impress.

So if you enjoyed it purchase your prinker Right now by clicking the link below.

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