Nitro News Review

Nitro News Review

Even today, email is considered one of the main marketing channels for businesses in the digital or physical environment. Whether for sending newsletters, welcome emails or even for following up on your after-sales strategy, this channel has enormous conversion potential.

You’ve probably already researched and found multiple email marketing solutions for your business. However, you may not be familiar with Nitronews free email marketing yet. To help you understand how it works and find out if it’s good and worth it, we’ve prepared this content explaining the solution’s differentials and how you can use it.

Remember, if you decide to use Nitronews, you can also take the opportunity to integrate it into your JivoChat online chat to generate more leads and drive results.

Why investing in email marketing is worth it
Before we can present the differentials of working with an email marketing solution in your business, it is important that we answer this question. As we have already mentioned, email marketing is recognized as one of the main contact channels. However, what is your real conversion potential? Is it really worth investing in these solutions? Well, check out these statistics presented by Nitronews about its efficiency:

Email has a 122% ROI (return on investment) – 4x more than any other marketing format such as social media, direct mail or paid search;

92% of online users have at least one email account, and in 2017, the number of users with email was at least 3.7 billion worldwide.

At least 50% of leads on email lists stay active forever, opening and clicking on incoming content.

72% of consumers open an email because of discounts, while 62% open because of a personalized subject line.

According to MarketingProfs, the most effective emails for ecommerce are those about cart abandonment or welcome.

In addition to these numbers, also consider the research carried out in 2018 by Rock Content presenting trends in email marketing in the national market.

76.7% of responding companies already use email marketing, where 58.4% do it to develop and nurture customer relationships, 50.9% to take advantage of opportunities to offer services or products and 45.1% to drive traffic on your pages;

Of these, 88% segment their bases of leads and emails sent to optimize results;

76.8% of respondents have already made a purchase after receiving a newsletter;

Among the 23.3% of companies that still do not use email marketing, 94.3% say they want to adopt this strategy in the future and recognize its potential.

Considering the return on investment of this solution, it’s easy to answer that yes, it’s really worth the investment, especially if you’re using a free email marketing tool.

Nitronews: Free Email Marketing Worth It

Is free email marketing good?
Usually when we hear that something is free, the feeling of satisfaction is soon overshadowed by doubts and questions about how something of quality can really be free.

This is the expected reaction and, taking that into account, we will help you to clearly understand the benefits of using a free email marketing tool in your business.

It is worth mentioning that Nitronews has been on the market since 2006 and was even the first email marketing tool to present a completely free modality in the Brazilian market. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the best solutions in Brazil.

Ideal for companies entering the market
First, it is important to consider that the free email marketing modality is perfect for businesses that are entering the market, that is, companies that do not yet have a huge customer base but are interested in leveraging this channel in their digital marketing campaigns.

This is because, unlike the other plans offered by Nitronews, the free modality has a limit of up to 2 thousand registered contacts and 10 thousand monthly submissions.

With this, businesses entering the market can now take advantage of a professional solution to carry out their shots and start generating results. And of course, when you reach new heights in your company, you won’t need to migrate to another solution and you can count on special services by acquiring a customized package suitable for your business, according to the number of shipments you need monthly.

Leverage professional templates for the design of your emails
One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is not valuing the good design and layout of the email, as well as ignoring the quality of the images, erring on the excess of information and, above all, not working with a template optimized for mobile devices.

All of these factors have a big impact on your chances of winning and converting leads into customers through this strategy. Fortunately, Nitron’s free email marketing mod

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