Today we will be making a recommendation about Fons, a notable solution in the appointment scheduling and payment space, catering especially to service professionals. Whether you’re a tutor, a personal trainer, a therapist, or offer any other appointment-based services, Fons aims to streamline the administrative side of your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

With Fons, the interlinking of scheduling and payments reduces the administrative hassles. When a client books an appointment, payments can be automatically processed, ensuring you get paid on time.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or have a team, Fons scales to fit your needs. Its features cater to a variety of business models and sizes.

See below some of the best things of Fons.

Payments and scheduling on autopilot.

Once an appointment is booked, Fons handles the payment aspect without any manual intervention. It ensures professionals get paid upfront or at their set terms, eliminating the awkward money conversations. 


Payment rates can be customized for each client, session type, or group classes. This feature is beneficial for those offering multiple services or tiered pricing.

$45 MM+ In Instructor Payouts

Fons’ recurring appointment feature is a boon for professionals and their clients. Whether it’s weekly yoga classes, monthly consultancy sessions, or any other regular engagements, Fons ensures the schedule is set and payments are handled timely. 

Automatic deductions mean clients don’t have to remember to pay for every recurring session, and professionals have a consistent revenue stream.

Zero Unpaid Invoices

Both clients and service providers receive automated reminders for upcoming appointments. This reduces no-show rates and ensures smooth scheduling. 

Notifications also cover payment confirmations, ensuring transparency and building trust between the professional and the client.

Manual interventions often lead to errors in billing, scheduling, or reminders. Automation substantially reduces these risks, ensuring smooth operations.

1.25 MM+ Appointments Booked

With Fons, booking a session is just a click away. Service professionals can share their availability, and clients can pick slots that work best for them. Its system adapts to different time zones, making it convenient for professionals who have clients across the globe.


To subscribe to Fons just click the link below.

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