Today we will be making a recommendation about Fenrir Canine, a sthop dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. Their product range, designed with a canine behaviorist’s perspective, aims to meet the needs of everyday dog owners while prioritizing the comfort and happiness of dogs. 

Among their offerings are the Ragnar Range, which includes leads, collars, and harnesses made for comfort, durability, and flexibility. A notable product is the Fenrir Hammer, serving both as a training tool and a dog toy to promote appropriate chewing behavior and mental stimulation. 

Fenrir’s products are crafted to benefit both the dog and owner from practical and behavioral standpoints

See below some of the best dog products you can find at Fenrir Canine, and don`t forget to look at their official website, because you will find much more!

Fenrir Bundles

Fenrir Canine Leaders offers various bundles designed to cater to different needs of dog owners, ensuring convenience and quality while offering a range of products at a discounted rate.

Chew Toy Bundle: This bundle is an ultimate chewing combo, offering 20% off when you buy both the Fenrir Hammer and Dragon Egg. The Fenrir Hammer serves as a multifunctional training tool and can be used for fetch or tug games, providing mental stimulation. It can be filled with dry food or frozen treats to keep dogs entertained for hours. The Fenrir Dragon Egg is designed for chewing, aiding with teething and dental hygiene, and its durable design prevents destruction. This bundle is ideal for owners looking for varied and engaging chew toys for their dogs.

Essentials Bundle: The Essentials Bundle includes key items every dog owner should have, with a 15% discount. This bundle contains the Ragnar Slip Leash, Fenrir Hammer, and Silicone Treat Pouch. The Ragnar Slip Leash is an adjustable training tool, the Fenrir Hammer is a versatile chew toy for mental stimulation, and the Silicone Treat Pouch is perfect for carrying treats during training sessions and walks. This bundle is suited for owners looking for basic but essential tools for training and engaging with their dogs.

New Puppy Bundle: This bundle, offered with a 20% discount, includes everything needed for a new puppy. It comprises the Ragnar Harness, Ragnar Collar, Ragnar Leash, Ragnar Training Leash, Ragnar Slip Leash, Fenrir Mini Hammer, and Silicone Pouch. These items are designed with a dog’s comfort and security in mind, offering everything from a durable leash to a training tool in the form of the Fenrir Hammer. This bundle is perfect for new dog owners who want a comprehensive set of high-quality gear for their puppy.

Mental Stimulation Bundle: This bundle, also with a 20% discount, includes the Fenrir Puzzle Bowl, Fenrir Foraging Mat, Hammer, and Dragon Egg. It’s designed to provide mental stimulation for dogs, covering meal times, playtime, puzzle time, and crate time. The Puzzle Bowl helps slow down eating and reduces the risk of bloat, the Hammer and Dragon Egg provide chewing and playtime engagement, and the Foraging Mat is a safe and enriching way to feed your dog. This bundle is ideal for owners who want to ensure their dog’s mental stimulation and well-being

Fenrir Dog Puzzle

Fenrir Canine Leaders also offers a range of puzzle toys and feeders, including the Fenrir Puzzle Bowl, Fenrir Foraging Mat, and Fenrir Dragon Egg. These items are designed to stimulate a dog’s mind and satisfy their natural instincts. The Fenrir Puzzle Bowl and Foraging Mat encourage dogs to forage for their food, which can help slow down fast eaters and provide mental enrichment. The Fenrir Dragon Egg is another intriguing toy that likely offers similar benefits in terms of mental stimulation and engagement

Fenrir Collars & Harnesses

Fenrir Canine Leaders offers a range of collars and harnesses designed for dogs of various sizes and breeds, focusing on comfort, security, and durability.

Ragnar Dog Collar: The Ragnar Dog Collar is ideal for active dogs, featuring a rugged and long-lasting design. It provides maximum comfort and functionality, with premium padding that ensures both style and comfort. This collar is equipped with a sturdy buckle and a metallic D-ring, enhancing its strength and durability. It’s not only secure and reliable but also simple to use, making it suitable for everyday walks and larger adventures.

Ragnar Dog Harness: The Ragnar Dog Harness is designed for ultimate comfort, featuring padding on the top and bottom. It strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, offering superior support and durability. The harness includes dual attachment points, premium padding, a triple strap design, and metal clips, making it secure and stylish for everyday use. This harness caters to a wide range of dogs, accommodating those who need extra support or have a tendency to pull.

Overall Design and Material Quality: Fenrir’s collars and harnesses are made with high-quality materials to withstand the activities of the most active dogs. They have been crafted to make dog walks more comfortable and secure, suitable for both large dogs that pull and small dogs requiring extra support. The materials used in these products are heavy-duty, ensuring durability and longevity.

Fenrir Dog Training

Fenrir Canine Leaders offers a variety of training tools and accessories designed to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners through engagement, mental stimulation, and appropriate behavior training

The Fenrir Hammer is a versatile, virtually indestructible dog toy. It is highly multi-functional, offering mental stimulation and catering to aggressive chewers. This toy can be used for teaching appropriate chewing behavior, as well as for playing fetch or tug games. It can also be filled with treats, dry food, or pâté and frozen to provide prolonged mental stimulation and entertainment, which is especially helpful for managing issues like separation anxiety, crate training, and destructive behavior
Their range extends to various other items such as treat pouches, silicone treat pouches, a variety of leashes like the Adapt Leash, Ragnar Dog Leash, Ragnar Slip Leash, Long Line Slip Leash, Ragnar Training Leash, as well as items like the Fenrir Wolf Toy and Fenrir Jute Toy. These products are designed to aid in various aspects of dog training and care,

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