WP Buffs Review

WP Buffs Review

Considering becoming a subscriber at WP Buffs? Wondering if this WordPress support and maintenance service is worth the subscription price? Well, with this WP Buffs review, our editors hope to answer those questions and more so that you can find out everything you need to know about this WordPress support service before you sign up.

As you read through this comprehensive overview of WP Buffs, we will present you with a myriad of reviews from their customers, provide you with lots of information about this website support and maintenance service, and go over what they have to offer. Finally, we will wrap up our overview by presenting the Outsourcing Compared Score that our editors have tabulated based upon our analysis of reviews posted by WP Buffs subscribers around the web.


An Intro to Our Review of WP Buffs

A lot of business owners make use of WordPress to build their online presence. Maintaining and running a site, however, is not easy since it requires technical expertise, which some people lack. Proper support is required in order to keep your site running smoothly but, if you lack the time or know-how to perform these tasks, you can work with a WordPress maintenance service provider such as WP Buffs.

WP Buffs was started by Joe Howard as a side hustle. The founder began by building WordPress websites for some of his clients. His desire to find solutions in the WordPress space is what inspired him to launch WP Buffs. It was Howard’s wish to help people improve their sites and WP Buffs has gone on to become a credible WordPress maintenance service provider that is well-regarded by those in the industry.

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WP Buffs Homepage

WP Buffs’ User Reviews

Read What WP Buffs Subscribers Have to Say

Users of WP Buffs have posted their reviews of the company on several sites around the Internet. Here we have conveniently collected those reviews together so that you can check them out all in one place.

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May 10
Great support from Buffs
Great support from Buffs. They get back to you quickly and solve the issues quickly. Always friendly, they do their best to help, even if it’s not strictly in their remit.
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Siyanda Pamla
May 2
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Posted on
Patricia Potestades
May 1
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service. They deliver exactly what they promise and are great at WordPress site maintenance.
Posted on
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Want more customer’s stories?

WP Buffs provides a selection of stories from their customers, as well as case studies, that you a peruse over on their website. So, if you want to learn even more about the user-experience with WP Buffs, head on over to their website to read more.

WP Buffs’ Services

Here’s What WP Buffs Has to Offer

The goal of WP Buffs is to provide individuals, organizations, and businesses with high-quality technical support for their WordPress sites. WP Buffs achieves this by handling everything related to WordPress, so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business without worrying about technical problems.

The company handles performance enhancements, unlimited edits, daily maintenance as well as frequent security troubleshooting. They also equip your site with plugin updates and Google Analytics.

Desktop and Mobile Optimization:  WP Buffs optimizes your website for speed to help you reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. One way they do this is by providing you with speed optimization services which come with free plugins to boost your score on GTMetrix and Pingdom tests. WP Buffs also auto-compresses your site’s images to ensure that they do not interfere with the loading speed of your site and will help you optimize site images without compromising their quality of your website.

Because your customers can access and navigate your website through a variety of devices, WP Buffs also offers mobile optimization, so that your site is easy-to-use on both mobile phones and tablets. In addition, they work to help you implement an excellent navigation system that works well across different devices.

WP Buffs takes site optimization even further by compressing and minifying your styles and scripts as well as moving CSS files to areas where they won’t have an impact on the loading time of your visual elements.

To ensure that your site loads faster for repeat visitors, WP Buffs will take steps to serve visitors a cached version of your site. In addition, WP Buffs will enable Gzip compression, which also helps to increase the speed of your website.

Backups, Restoration, and Security: If your your website goes down, WP Buffs can restore it to ensure that your business will continue running effectively. In addition, their cloud backups prevent your website from losing critical data. They save the daily backup on cloud storage using Amazon S3 infrastructure. Since security is a great concern to WordPress users, the company conducts manual audits to ensure that no bot can access your website through any form of attack. They also encourage you to set strong passwords that cannot be easily cracked.

The company also conducts daily scans for malware to check for any malicious code. If the scans find anything suspicious, the team works on repairing your files immediately to curb any hacking attempts. They also ensure that your visitors feel secure while visiting your website by supporting the installation of Security Socket Layer certificates. Finally, WP Buffs will work to ensure that your site is secure by implementing a firewall to block any suspicious traffic from your website.

Plans and Pricing Options

A Look at WP Buffs’ Subscription Options

WP Buffs aims to assist you as you use WordPress to grow your business whether you are looking for services for your business or while label options that you can offer to your customers. Let’s take a look at both options:

Website management for you: To truly tailor their services to your needs, WP Buffs offer different plans, which come at various prices, so that you can choose one that is ideal for your business. WP Buff’s three service plans include Maintain, Protect, and Perform.

WP Buffs' Plans and Pricing Options

All of the these plans offered by WP Buffs are intended to support of one website.

While the Maintain plan comes at the lowest price, those savings mean giving up unlimited 24/7 website edits, access to WP Buffs’ selection of free premium plugins, priority support, malware removal, speed optimization, and mobile and tablet optimization.

With the Protect plan, only priority support and speed optimization are excluded.

Finally, if you opt to sign-up for the Perform plan, you will receive all of the support services that WP Buffs has to offer as well as an increase in the frequency of your site’s cloud backups from once daily to four times a day. They will also work to optimize your website on a daily basis as a Perform Pro subscriber. In addition, if you have an eCommerce or a membership site, then a subscription to the Perform Pro plan will be required to receive support.

In addition, when you choose the Protect or Perform plan, you will get access to other perks such as the installation of the iThemes Security Pro, WP Rocket, and WP Smush Pro premium plugins on your site. These come at no additional cost to you as a WP Buffs subscriber.

If you anticipate needing long-term professional site management for your site, it is advisable to pay for your desired plan annually because signing up for an annual plan guarantees you two months of service free of charge.

If none of the aforementioned plans offered by WP Buffs seem suited to your needs, then you can also select from one of their custom options to receive personalized support.

Each of the plans offered by WP Buffs offer a lot of features, but it should be noted that there are a few tasks that WP Buffs won’t perform. For example, their plans do not include custom development, updates to custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress, or building a new website or subdomain from scratch.

Website management for clients: If you are a web designer, web developer, or some other type of web professional who is looking to off-load the time-consuming task of supporting your clients’ sites, then WP Buffs can provide premium white-label support to your client base. By subscribing at WP Buffs you will be able to avoid the headaches that come with hiring support staff, managing a team, or performing technical support.

This white-label, fully-managed subscription option, which is designed for both agencies and freelancers, includes many features such as:

  • Using one of your email addresses for support to remain truly white-label
  • Including your logo at the bottom of every message that they send on your behalf
  • A white-label dashboard for your client’s tickets as well as replies from the WP Buffs’ team
  • Weekly, white-label reports with updates on the work that’s been performed on your client’s sites

The Collaboration Process

How the Support Process Works at WP Buffs

Signing up for a personal website management plan with WP Buffs is a simple process. Start by choosing the plan that’s right for you, then fill in the required fields to sign-up and begin your subscription.

Next, send login details for your WordPress dashboard to WP Buffs so that they can get to work performing the services that are included with your plan. After you sign up, the company sets up your plan within 48 hours. You will then receive introductory email messages containing details on how you can request edits as well information about useful tools.

As a customer, the company provides you with several options for communicating with their team. Contact options include phone, email, and live chat so that you can easily receive help when you need it.

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