Vultr Review

Vultr Review


  • Enhanced Networking Capabilities — With Cloud Compute (VC2), you can add multiple IPv4 addresses for each virtual private server, create isolated regional private networks for your instances, and enable IPv6 connectivity.
  • Deployment Automation — You can easily automate deployments using Vultr’s first boot startup scripts and snapshot functionality. You can use these functions directly from the Vultr custom API.

Vultr for WordPress

As the speed of the site is now a ranking factor it’s always good to have good hosting for your WordPress site. As Vultr is one of the major cloud services provided there was no issue in performance and uptime. I install WordPress on Vultr $5 plan and install some plugin themes and posts with high-quality images.

Pros of Vultr

Vultr has invested heavily in improving its hosting infrastructure from Cloud Compute (VC2) to Bare Metal Simplified. There are many obvious benefits to end users who come up with this. Below is a summary of the main benefits you are guaranteed to receive.


Aside from a few minor flaws, Vultr is a great host. However, many customers find that payment in the first month is a bit limiting. The good news is that you get value for every penny you spend.


Using in the cloud can give you an edge over the competition. Hosting your web resources on a robust infrastructure with root admin access, 100% Intel cores, and an infinite number of OS combinations ensures you and your customers have a quality web experience.

Additional Information

Billing is done hourly, and at any time when you need additional resources, you can always increase.

  • Zero Noisy Neighbors — you get 100% server hardware. This means there are no shared resources, no limits on the number of input-output operations per second (IOPS), and the number of processors measured. This is what it really means to live as one tenant in a server environment.
  • Direct access to equipment. There is no render layer in Vultr Bare Metal. This means that you have direct access to all server resources, a great opportunity to speed up resource-intensive applications.
  • 10GbE Connectivity — With every Dedicated Server instance you get a stable 10GbE network connection. This significantly increases throughput and low latency for end-users.

Is Vultr secure?

As one of the major cloud services provide Vultr is highly secure.

How much does Vultr cost?

The cheapest plan of Vultr costs $2.5 and the cost of the server depends upon the server configuration. Eg. with 2GB RAM Vultr server costs $10.


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