Touch Stay Review

Touch Stay Review

Touchstay: A Digital Welcome Book for Airbnb

Summary: Touch Stay is a digital guest book that you can use to provide Airbnb guests with all the information they will need before and during their stay. Just send your guest link. The result: Happier guests and better reviews.

For short term guests hospitality is everything. It’s not just about providing values or essentials. The most successful hosts must go the extra mile. So when I discovered Touch Stay and their adjustable instructions, it piqued my interest. Could this be a good (and easy) way to go the extra mile for my guests? Could this be one of the Airbnb apps I’m looking for?

I decided to try it and write this Touch Stay review.

So how does Touch Stay work?

Touch Stay is a digital welcome book for your guests. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your guests to know everything about your stay. Whether service information (such as Wi-Fi code, registration process, etc.), local information (hotels, events, etc.), security and building information, social links or even links to your own website to book directly. It’s an app but your visitors won’t download it

Share tips easily

Touchstay integrates with Google Places, that can help your gest explore locals near to your place. You can also add best places, like restaurants or attractions that your guests will love.
You can also add Tripadvisor reviews to your local tips.

Your visitors are delivered directly to their own devices. I like that it’s not a physical tablet that can be damaged and I think customers can use it if they don’t have to download the app. They just have to click on the link.

It is truly a “continuous web app”, which means that your visitors can place the app on their home screen, including your custom app icon, without having to sign in or download the App or Play Store. It also provides them with internet access.


It’s a 100% custom template, from the title to the layout. If you are not interested in design, they give you a starting text / idea.

Maybe you don’t need a home guide, but a travel guide to your area? You can create a guide to entice travelers to sign up for your mailing list. You can choose tons of different templates depending on your goals and objectives. touch presence monitor

Many languages
You can create instructions in 9 languages. You will need to translate the content yourself, but all the names and menu options will be translated automatically. Alternatively, you can enable the Google Translate option and your visitor can choose the language of their choice.

Unlimited photos and videos
You can add as many as you want, which is great if you want to know more. You can use a photo of your home front for the cover so that people will know about it. With this feature, you can explain to customers how to access the property, use the keyboard, or how to use the coffee machine or the washing machine. You need to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, and copy/paste the video sharing link to Touch Stay.

Enter the local address automatically
Touch Stay integrates with Google Places so you don’t have to manually enter your local suggestions. Just type the name of the place in the box and Touch Stay will show you the corresponding results from Google. Then tap the one you want. Basic information such as address, phone number, website link, opening hours, etc. all are presented to you. It’s very useful if you like to give tips (customers love it!).

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It is useful for property managers
One of the best aspects of Touch Stay is how easy it is to manage hundreds of properties in one account. Standard processes like check-in or hotel bookings can be added once and synced instantly across all your resources. And, if you have similar things (for example, several rooms in the house), you can create the content of the house and add it to all the rooms in the house (such as access to the gym, access to the pool, security laws, etc.). Cross-promote your other resources
I love this strategy for real estate managers. You can list your property on your website in the Other Books section. If people want to stay with you again, it’s easy for them to book again. They can also check your other properties. The next time your guests visit, they may want the same property or look for something bigger or more if their group is strong

Schedule Email or SMS

Schedule unlimited, customised emails and SMS to guests with their Touch Stay welcome book link throughout the entire guest journey.

You can add a welcome email or SMS in the day that the guest comes in, and you can also ask for a review at the end of the stay, that will boost your reviews for sure!

Touch Stay offers several pricing options. It’s $99/year for regular guests (this is reduced for second ownership). If you are an asset manager, it starts at $25/month depending on the size of the portfolio. They can help you set it up for a $99 fee if you use code GPFYP (regular price $149).

Conclusion: By using the online digital admission form, you save time and get the best evaluation. That’s a huge return on investment for an investment of a few hours of your time and less than $10 a month. It’s the bottom line of your Airbnb business. That’s why I recommend every Airbnb host (or any host for that matter) use a digital guide like Touch Stay.

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