Today we are making a recommendation of SLNT, if you need an Faraday Bag, phone sleeves, laptop sleeves, drybags , and key fob guards you will love the products they offer.

Their main product is the Faraday Bag, we bought it and made a 3 weeks usage, and is really great, the main objective of a Faraday bag is to block bluetooth and wireless, so your laptop is protected while you are in travel, or even on day to day usage.

A lot of problems happens with hackers, specially on airports, they can connect to your device even if you are not using it, but not with a SLNT Faraday Bag.

Besides all it is also very pretty and comfortable, and also block the GPS of your device while you are traveling.

You can also buy a Waterproof Farady Backpack from SLNT

Phone Sleeves

Slip your phone into a SLNT® Faraday product and completely disconnect, instantly you’re off the grid.

Laptop Sleeves

For an always-on digital world, you need an always-ready solution that never needs recharging.

Drybags and Backpacks

Redefining your everyday carry with a suite of products that protect your data as well as they protect your gear.

Key fob Guards 

Sleek anti-theft solutions for your car. Instantly protect one of your most valuable possessions with ease.


SLNT not just have great and function products, the quality is also really great, and very beatiful designed, so if you need some of the products above, don`t wait for it!

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