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CoachThem Soccer

CoachThem Review and Journey to Success

Today, we’ll be making a new recommendation about CoachThem, which has launched an amazing Soccer Training Tool. If you’ve never heard of it, CoachThem is a dedicated drill drawing and practice planning platform, with a passion for sports and a commitment to quality. The platform has incorporated over 700k drills for hockey, lacrosse, and now soccer!

With a strong base of 30k+ coaches, the introduction of soccer drills solidifies the platform’s robust and versatile approach to sports training. With a special offer for our community, new soccer subscribers can now receive 20% off for their first year! This isn’t just an invitation to a category, but an open door to honing skills, embracing advanced training techniques, and preparing teams to reach their pinnacle of success.

From the foundational aspects of passing and shooting, to intricate details of defending and coordination training, CoachThem’s soccer drills are comprehensive. The platform offers a holistic approach to the game, ensuring that players can focus on every aspect, from individual techniques to team strategies.

See below some of the best features.


Coordination Training with the Ball

The game of soccer demands agility, precision, and coordination; elements that form the bedrock of Coordination Training with the Ball. By fusing core soccer principles into one comprehensive exercise, CoachThem’s drills go beyond mere practice, forging match-ready athletes.

Understanding the Drill Framework

Application: As players dribble through the ladder, their focus should be on tight ball control, ensuring that the ball remains close to their feet, allowing for quick changes in direction. On completing the ladder dribble, players engage in a swift pass to the next waiting player, ensuring the transition is smooth and the pass accurate. 

Purpose: Soccer isn’t just about individual skills. The real essence of the game is teamwork. This segment of the drill accentuates the importance of accurate passing post exertion. 

Why is this Drill Indispensable? 

  1. Comprehensive Skill Development: Instead of isolating skills, the Coordination Training with the Ball drill amalgamates footwork, ball control, and passing, offering a holistic training experience. 

  2. Real-Game Simulation: In a match, players often find themselves weaving through defenders, changing directions, and then making crucial passes. This drill, in many ways, mirrors those exact scenarios. 

  3. Boosting Cognitive Abilities: The dual challenge of navigating the ladder and controlling the ball requires players to think on their feet, literally. It sharpens their cognitive reactions, preparing them for high-pressure situations. 

  4. Adaptability: While it’s structured, the drill also offers room for variations. Coaches can modify ladder patterns, introduce different ball control techniques, or even add defensive elements to elevate the challenge.

1v1 + Finishing Drill

The 1v1 + Finishing Drill developed by CoachThem places its focus on these pivotal moments, aiming to sculpt players who not only thrive under pressure but also deliver with pinpoint accuracy. 

Understanding the Drill Framework

  1. Starting Point: Two players position themselves at opposite ends of a defined area, with one designated as the attacker and the other as the defender.

  2. Engagement: The attacker begins with the ball and attempts to advance toward the goal. The defender’s role is to apply pressure, forcing the attacker to think, maneuver, and ultimately create space. 

  3. Objective: The ultimate aim for the attacker is to create enough separation from the defender to unleash a shot on goal. The defender, meanwhile, seeks to stifle this attempt. 

  4. Pressure Application: The essence of the drill lies in the defender’s ability to apply constant pressure. This simulates real-match scenarios where attackers seldom get unpressured opportunities.

  5. Space Creation: The attacker learns the art of using feints, changes of pace, and quick dribbling to open up shooting avenues.

  6. Clinical Finishing: Once space is created, the drill emphasizes the importance of composure and technique to finish accurately, aiming for the corners of the goal to maximize the chances of scoring.

1 vs 1 Shoot And Defend

The 1 vs 1 Shoot and Defend drill encapsulates this dynamic nature of the game, teaching players the significance of swift role reversals. It cultivates the crucial mentality of “stop admiring your shot and defend” – a concept that underpins modern soccer’s high pressing and immediate ball recovery strategies. 

Decoding the Drill Structure 

  1. Setting the Stage: Two players start at either end of a designated area. One player (Player A) begins as the attacker, while the other (Player B) is the initial defender. 

  2. Attack Phase: Player A advances with the ball, aiming to beat Player B and shoot at the goal. 

  3. Role Reversal: Immediately after Player A takes the shot, Player B retrieves a second ball placed nearby and transitions into an attacking role. Player A, having just taken a shot, must immediately switch to a defensive role and prevent Player B from scoring. 

  4. Quick Transition: The crux of the drill lies in the rapid switch from offense to defense. Players are taught to shake off the offensive mindset immediately after a shot and brace for defensive duties. 

  5. Awareness and Reaction: Players must be aware of their surroundings, locating the second ball quickly, and reacting to the new attacking threat. 

  6. Stamina and Persistence: Repeatedly transitioning between attack and defense can be physically demanding, making this drill excellent for building stamina and resilience.

Create Drills



Let’s dive deeper into how CoachThem is revolutionizing the coaching landscape: 

Intuitive Interface: Select, Set, Sketch 

  1. Tailored Templates

Purpose: Instead of starting from scratch, coaches can choose from an array of templates that mirror real-life playing fields and courts. This provides an immediate, relatable backdrop for any drill. 

Diversity: With a range of templates, whether it’s a soccer pitch, hockey rink, or a lacrosse field, coaches can seamlessly shift between different sports. 

  1. Object Oasis

Purpose: To add detail and specificity to drills, a plethora of objects like players, cones, balls, and goals can be selected and positioned. 

Flexibility: Objects can be moved, rotated, or resized, offering a true-to-life representation of where players and equipment should be placed during a drill. 

  1. Dynamic Drawing

Purpose: The heart of the tool, where coaches bring their drills to life. Using a mouse, finger, or digital pencil, coaches can draw paths, show player movements, or indicate ball trajectories. 

Versatility: Depending on the device in use – be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone – coaches have the flexibility to sketch their drills using the input method they’re most comfortable with.

Make sure to check out CoachThem Soccer on Instagram as they post drills twice a day with video! All of these drills are also available within their Marketplace. 

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