BetaFPV Drones

The highly anticipated Cetus FPV Kit comes! It will be the best choice for FPV beginners to explore the FPV world and bring your family and friends into this hobby.

Pricing and Plans

BetaFPV is one of the best Drone providers in the market, with prices starting at low as $100, you will also have a guaranteed shipping by buying with a trustable company.

BETAFPV, established in February 2017. We’re dedicated to creating FPV drones and parts with superior quality by helping more people get into FPV hobby and enjoy the joy of flying, speed and exploration.

Innovation, R&D and quality are the concepts in FPV industry. That is why our teams work tirelessly to provide you with products that are carefully developed and a customer experience that makes you feel funny.

BetaFPV Shipping

Expedited Shipping: 3-7 working days

Standard Shipping (Registered Mail): 12-30 working days

Please note:

There are estimated delivery time only, so BETAFPV can not guarantee an exact delivery time.
The estimated delivery time may be longer if any battery is includedin your order.
Affected by Covid-19, there may be some delay in the delivery.

BetaFPV Advantages


Professional Tech support

and the best customer service


Focus on R&D

and constant innovation


Best selling in 200+

countries around the world

Beginners and Pro Drones avalaible

The best drones for beginners will be affordable, include instructions and have important safety features

You can also buy professional Drones with high quality recording at BetaFPV.

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