AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review

How AdTargeting works?

This is a free Facebook likes targeting and Google spy tool that can help you find hidden likes and get audience research reports to better target your audience and improve return on ad spend. you. It can also help you find the most profitable Google keywords for advertising to reduce advertising costs.

AdTargeting for Facebook

With AdTargeting you can easily get the interest of an specific audience, you can also target your competitor Facebook page by interest on our analytics, that can help you get a better ROI on your Ads

AdTargeting pricing

When you choose annual payment choices, you save a lot of money because it is usually cheaper to pay annually rather than month to month. Even while AdTargeting offers discounted rates for large purchases, they also offer monthly payment alternatives, making their services affordable to practically any budget. More information can be found here.

AdTargeting pricing

the above is the price from the AdTargeting homepage, the question is can the price be cheaper? There are some customers who want to experience but don’t have enough funds.

AdTargeting Trial

AdTargeting is a platform that makes it easier for advertisers to locate the most appropriate interest term with a comparison report by reading this AdTargeting Review article. Advertisers must understand what kind of people they are aiming to attract in order to better design their advertising campaigns, and interest words can be utilized to locate potential customers. You will get the most out of your advertising budget if you do it this way.

To be honest, in today’s market, this tool is a must-have platform for all advertisers, and it is well worth purchasing. You can check out  AdTargeting Trial version to see if you like it before buying it.

Facebook Ads Interests

Many people wonder if their Facebook “View” ad is working when the “View” ad doesn’t reach. Your Facebook “View” campaign can help you increase brand awareness, increase reach and drive conversions, only if you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience.

Like “View” has 3,239,840 Facebook audience, it means your Facebook “View” ad has many potential listeners. So the point is how you can focus on these people and make them truly yours. Reviewing the media can help. It is one of the best Facebook interest targeting tools to discover hidden interests or niches of Facebook advertising “Exploration” that your competitor doesn’t know about, and provide audience analysis reports. Read on and see how you can target your audience right away! To get more content, you can check the website interest rater. An overview of the “Exploration” preference.

Social interest rates and women in society

3,239,840 views Males accounted for 57.4%
Women make up 42.6% 25-34
First, we can get the definition of “Research”. Like “Review” has 3,239,840 audience on Facebook. Among the audience, men represented 57.4%, women 42.6%. The main age of the research audience is 25-34, and they account for 33.86%. There are also many hidden advantages of “Exploration”. You can choose the best interest for your “Search” ad according to the current situation. Expert Learning Content: Facebook Advertising Expertise

“Analyze” the Facebook audience summary report
When you run a “View” ad on Facebook, you’ll need to set up the appropriate audience settings in the “View” Facebook ad. After analyzing the audience of “Evaluation”, you can get the audience analysis report of “Nyole” including a lot of detailed information:


Most people who are interested in “Review” are between 25 and 34 years old, and they reached 33.86%. Other age groups such as 18-24 years accounted for 24.24%. Those interested in “Avis” between 35-44 years old reached 20.07%. 


Women represented 42.6% and men 57.4%.

Relationship status

Most of the people who are interested in “Research” are in a close relationship and they take a large part of it at around 40.8%. Training

Most people have a college degree.

Job title

From the job titles of the audience, we can verify that those interested in “Research” those who work in Administrative Services have the largest number representing 20.9%. In addition to this, people who work in management and community and social work also have a large audience.


Brazilians are very fond of “Revue”. In Italy and Libya there is also a large number of people interested in “Research”.

In addition to the audience research reports mentioned above, you can use Facebook’s Interest Targeting tool to analyze audience research information more effectively. All data can be viewed in AdTargeting.

For more professional content, please see the facebook ad icon and tiktok ad. Favorites list for Facebook “survey” ads
After researching the audience, you can also find other interests related to “Research”. And there are Facebook likes lists that you may find useful in AdTargeting. You can not only get a list of interests, but also the number of listeners of each interest. The provision of relevant interests may motivate you to opt-in for “Survey” advertising. The audience is interested.

Lists of interests for “Review” Facebook ads

After analyzing the audience, you can also find other most related interests of “Review”. And there is a Facebook interest list that maybe helpful for you in AdTargeting . You can not only get the lists of interests but also the audience number of each interest. The recommendation of relevant interests can give you some inspiration to choose interests for “Review” advertising.

Tech News10,514,690
The New York Times75,454,590
Plasma (physics)42,595,320
Cell (biology)151,954,490
Diamond (gemstone)1,737,120

Target “Review” audience of competitors with Facebook Pages 

The audiences of competitors are also our potential audiences. You can target audience of competitors with Facebook Pages in AdTargeting. A higher affinity score, means a higher relevance of the Facebook Page to your audience. Other professional contents

Just get the most related Facebook Pages of “Review” and use them to target your Facebook ads to “Review” audience.

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